Fresh Food Distribution
Mobile Food Pantry
1 in 6 children in Williamsburg are chronically hungry...

...and Williamsburg House of Mercy and our community business partners are part of the solution.
The Mobile Food Pantry is a large-scale fresh food distribution that includes USDA and is a partnership with the Virginia Peninsula Foodbank.
Williamsburg House of Mercy holds two fresh food distributions each month.  The 1st Friday of each month, the largest of the two distributions is held at Williamsburg House of Mercy; and on the Monday that follows, a second distribution is held at Stonehouse Presbyterian in Toano.  The Mobile Food Pantry is a great opportunity for families of all ages, schools, and businesses to come together in a morning of service. 
The cost to fund the larger of the two distributions is $500 per month.  This distribution feeds between 500-600 people monthly. 


Shelf-Stable Food Pantry

The Shelf-Stable Food Pantry at Williamsburg House of Mercy is a great way for families to help their dollars go farther.  We never want a family to have to choose between paying the rent and putting food on the table.

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