Mercy Housing
Homeless Coordination of Care
Food Security
Rapid Rehousing is designed to assist homeless individuals and families who are currently staying outside, in vehicles, or in local shelters... Read more
Assessment and Coordination of Care is the starting point for anyone who is homeless and in need of shelter, case management... Read more
1 in 6 children in Williamsburg are chronically hungry and we are part of the solution... Read more
New Journey Re-entry Services
Hope Pregnancy Care Center
Healthy Families
Ex-offenders returning from jail often face a difficult transition back into the community.   Re-entry services to ex-offenders returning to the community... Read more
The Hope Pregnancy Care Center offers free, caring, and confidential pregnancy counseling services for young women and their partners... Read more     
We are committed to helping strengthen young families in the Historic Triangle by providing those items that make it easier for families... Read more
Financial Assistance & Outreach
Community Partners
Our Financial Assistance Program assists individuals and families in the Greater Williamsburg area who, without our assistance, would become homeless... Read more
We believe care coordination is the key to pulling together resources from the various organizations and faith groups we partner with... Read more    
    You all mean a lot to me and my family. You have given us a fresh start and a chance to raise our kids in a healthy place. I'm excited about the future.   
      I sometimes feel that you are the only one on my side . . .
    . . . you and Jesus.
    I just needed someone in my corner, and you were there.
    I'm ashamed of what my life has become, and it's hard to ask for help.  I don't know what I would do without you here.​​
    I am moving forward with the help of you and the angels at House of Mercy.  Thank you!
    Thank you for your mental and physical support.  
    I'm very grateful.

    I love you for what you have done for me.  You believed in me.​​