To achieve our mission and realize our vision, all of our activities are underpinned by the following shared values:

Faith|  We are a faith-based organization rooted in scriptures and Catholic social teaching.

Service|  We are called to use our gifts and talents in service to the many marginalized members of our community, and that in order to do this most effectively we must partner and collaborate with other community organizations and local businesses to bring our collective gifts to bear.

Pro-life|  We respect the dignity of human life at every stage from conception to natural death.

Respect|  We value, listen to, learn from, and appreciate each other, our clients, our donors, and our community.

Empowerment|  We encourage, build confidence, inspire, and promote each person’s right to self-determination.

Hospitality |  We welcome with compassion those in need of housing and services.

 Above all, we believe that mercy is a verb.  In order to promote mercy, we must “Be Mercy” to those in need.