Ex-offenders returning from jail often face a difficult transition back into the community.   Re-entry services to ex-offenders returning to the community have been found to reduce recidivism, reduce crime, and save taxpayer dollars.

These individuals face particular challenges related to the job search, such as attaining photo identification, short-term emergency shelter, and securing adequate housing.

Williamsburg House of Mercy staff coordinates with Colonial Community Corrections, District 34 Probation and Parole, and the mentors at Williamsburg Walk the Talk to begin assessing inmates for services pre-release.

Upon release, Williamsburg House of Mercy assists returning citizens with:

  • Emergency food, clothing, and shelter

  • Preparing for employment

  • Employment referrals 

  • Housing assessment and rehousing

  • Medical and mental health referrals

  • On-going supportive services

Cases should be coordinated pre-release via email.  ​Case manager assignment will be made after initial intake. Contact Ed Schneider: [email protected]