Our Financial Assistance Program assists individuals and families in the Greater Williamsburg area who, without our assistance, would become homeless.

We assist with eviction prevention and utility disconnect notices, and provide supportive services to assist program participants to become stable in the short term and successful in the years beyond.

Additionally, when families visit Williamsburg House of Mercy seeking emergency assistance, they are screened for other needs which House of Mercy or other community partners can help with.   Once other areas of need are identified, families are invited to participate in programs aimed at reducing the families’ need to rely on emergency assistance.

Special programs run seasonally.  Check out our calendar for dates and information:

  • June-August ~ Summer Reading and Feeding

  • October ~ Holiday sign-ups

  • November ~ Thanksgiving distribution

  • December ~ Christmas distribution

  • March-April ~ Easter Basket distribution

The demand for assistance is very high and we rely heavily on donations from individuals and businesses in the local community. 

If you are in need of assistance, please call us at (757) 253-0664 to be screened for eligibility.


We collect personal information directly from you for the reasons that are discussed in our Notice of Privacy Practices (available upon request). We may be required to collect some personal information by law or by organizations that give us money to operate this program. Other personal information that we collect is important to run our programs, to improve services for homeless persons, and to better understand the needs of homeless persons. We only collect information that we consider to be appropriate. 

The collection and use of all personal information is guided by strict standards of confidentiality.