Homeless in the Hurricane

While people across Hampton Roads are preparing their homes for Hurricane Florence, Williamsburg House of Mercy is working quickly to help the homeless find shelter. As we speak, teams are in the process of putting all of the known unsheltered homeless in our community in motels.  In addition, the Mercy Housing team will be going out later today to do street outreach to the panhandlers.  Also, housing clients who are still in active case management status will be receiving a delivery of food, water, batteries, and a lantern Wednesday afternoon.

UPDATED: 9/12 5pm

Due to the changes in the track of Hurricane Florence, the shelters anticipated at Quarterpath Recreation Center and Abrim Frink Community Center will not be opened.  Please stay tuned to local media for the locations of State-run shelters​ in our community in the event you find yourself in need of shelter.

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