As the holidays approach, if you (or someone you know) find yourself in need, sign-up for assistance with a Thanksgiving basket and Christmas gifts for children from

October 1st-October 18th

Williamsburg House of Mercy (10 Harrison Avenue)

Sign-up Hours: Monday (10am-1pm), Tuesday (1pm-3:45pm), Wednesday (10am-1pm), Thursday (1pm-3:45pm).. 


  • Parents should bring EITHER the birth certificate or social security card for each child. Custodial grandparents or guardians should bring custody papers.
  • Parents should bring some evidence of source of income, (ie. pay stubs, food stamp letter, disability letter. If none of these available, they can bring a bank statement showing direct deposit).
  • Parents should be able to request two items per child: one gift item valued at $50 or less and one gift item valued at $30 or less. Parents may request a small bicycle valued at $80 or less, but this will be the only gift the child will receive.
  • Clients should be from our service area in Greater Williamsburg with zip codes:  23089  23090  23168  23185  23187  23188.
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