To date we have served more than 19,000 individuals on the drive-thru food pantry line, distributed more than 70,000 diapers and feminine hygiene items, and are moving in 2-3 families each week. We are so grateful for your continued support during these emergency distributions! 
Now that we have our distribution process solidified, we have begun planning for our long-term COVID response. We are gearing up to move into our “Still safe. Still Strong.” reconfiguration project, while keeping our drive-thru food pantry going.
What are we planning?

1. Cold Storage for Fresh Food: Beginning in July, reconfiguration of our indoor space will begin to include much needed on-site walk-in cold storage for the large quantities of fresh food we are distributing on the food pantry line or using for fresh-cooked community meals.

2. Outdoor Shelter: An outdoor covered space will serve our homeless population in the safest possible ways when we reopen our Harbor Day Shelter for the Homeless under new guidelines. The outdoor space will also provide shelter for those receiving meals at our Community Kitchen or waiting to be seen by our case managers for other services. 

3. Medical Clinic and Housing Offices: In addition to converting our current housing offices into cold storage, we are also converting some of that space into an on-site medical clinic. This will allow us to do ultrasounds on site for the Hope Pregnancy Center and have partners, like Olde Towne Medical, do exams for the homeless. Due to this transition in space, we will be moving our housing offices to a new mezzanine level along the wall by the kitchen. Our housing offices will expand to accommodate the anticipated increases in assistance requests which will begin with courts opening for evictions. By September, we hope to be prepared to open these new spaces and be prepared sustain the high volume of clients we have reached. 

How are we funding this?
These reconfigurations are being made possible largely in part because of a bequest from Maureen “Pinkie” Ford. In her memory, we have decided to designate the newly formed housing space as “The Maureen ‘Pinkie’ Ford Mercy Housing Suite.” Through her legacy gift of $88,000, we are ready to maintain and expand our level of compassionate care for our neighbors in need. We have also received $10,000 from the Rotary Club of James City County toward the purchase of the walk-in refrigerator and additional private donations toward this project.

I say this to emphasize our commitment to continuing to provide our emergency drive-thru food pantry and keeping money donated toward our emergency COVID response designated to the direct material distribution of food, toiletries, feminine hygiene products, and diapers. Your support will allow us to reconfigure, while still providing the emergency material goods and services that are much needed.

We have raised $186,000 of our $320,000 reconfiguration budget, and are applying for local grants, as well. We are passionate about journeying back to stability with the families of Williamsburg. If you would like to participate in the long-term COVID response through this reconfiguration project, please specify “Long-Term COVID” with your donation or on your check memo line.

Thank you for helping us Be Mercy!

Shannon Woloszynowski
Executive Director

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