Two commercial refrigerators for Food Security at Williamsburg House of Mercy

As renovations come to a close, Williamsburg House of Mercy is moving back into their space and preparing for open houses. With the expansion of the Harbor Day Shelter for the Homeless and food security efforts, these much needed commercial refrigerators are the first of many necessary appliances to meet the growing needs of hungry families in Williamsburg. Thanks to the Williamsburg Health Foundation’s generous grant, Williamsburg House of Mercy was able to purchase two refrigerators to expand fresh food distributions and move forward in offering weekday meals in the soon-to-be launched community soup kitchen.

Shannon Woloszynowki, executive director, explains the impact of food security: “Healthy and nutrient-packed meals are so important when many of our clients are the working poor. Without the opportunity to eat well, performance at work, school, and in the home suffers. Our daily noontime soup kitchen will be open to the entire community, as an opportunity to refresh and refuel for the rest of the day. By providing meals with protein and fresh ingredients, we remove the stumbling block of hunger and stress of food insecurity for one third of the work week—a gamechanger for many of our families!”

Williamsburg House of Mercy is focusing its May 14th GiveLocal757 efforts on the preparation of a commercial-grade kitchen and sponsorship of upcoming meals at the community soup kitchen. For more information on how you or your organization can partner in these efforts, email [email protected].

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