With high fuel prices, we see more families forced to choose between buying gas to get to work or putting food on the table. We still have 42 individuals in active case management and gave food to more than 3,500 individuals last month!

As we start to see more Ukrainian refugees in our area, we wanted to share what we are doing to help.

Local Support: In addition to being a key participant in local and regional strategic dialogue, we also apply our housing-first case management strategies and supportive services (like food, clothing, and other assistance) to all those who present themselves in our service area. Our staff’s ongoing training in trauma and crisis intervention is key to being prepared to meet vulnerability with stabilizing solutions.

Global Support: Also, we are in the process of partnering with a local restaurant to create a supply wish-list and shipping effort that we will announce soon.

Your continued support makes it possible for us to continue to serve our existing population and these new families. Thank you!

Did you know that we have an average of 112 individuals who bring food, diapers, clothing, and hygiene items to us each month?
This frees up our budget to provide housing, shelter, and case management services, because these material items are donated.

From Scout troops and school groups to fraternities and local churches, our community is committed to being part of the solution! If you are interested in hosting a food drive or donating financially to help us serve in a particular area, click here.

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