Bowl of soup with vegetables

Thank you to everyone who came to our Open House! Our space looked complete with the bustle of so many of our community members who share in our mission. As we continue to settle in, we are moving full steam ahead with the expansion of our Community Soup Kitchen.

Why are we expanding our noontime meal to be a Monday through Friday Community Soup Kitchen?

Healthy and nutrient-packed meals are so important when many of our clients are the working poor. Without the opportunity to eat well, performance at work, school, and in the home suffers. Our daily noontime soup kitchen will be open to the entire community, as an opportunity to refresh and refuel for the rest of the day. By providing meals with protein and fresh ingredients, we remove the stumbling block of hunger and stress of food insecurity for one third of the work week-a gamechanger for many of our families!

What can you do? 

We are looking for individuals, families, offices and organizations to sponsor a week of meals. The price of one week of nutritious and protein-rich ingredients is $200— for breakfast at the Harbor Day Center for the Homeless AND lunch for the whole community at the Community Soup Kitchen! Each day, our tables will be set with acknowledgment cards letting our guests know who is providing their meals for the week. 

Why May 14, 2019? 

May 14th is the annual GiveLocal757 competition where nonprofits compete for Peninsula Community Foundation funds by choosing to focus their donor efforts on a single day. We have an opportunity to win thousands of dollars in prize money through your help at On Tuesday, we will be sharing client testimonials and photos throughout the day on Facebook.

Not on Facebook? 

Checks can be mailed directly to us at 10 Harrison Avenue, Williamsburg, VA 23185.

Will you join us? Every donation helps put food on the table! Be Mercy!

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